Life Plan Community Advantages

Frank Engle Jr., Friendsview’s marketing director, says, “A move to a Life Plan Community, such as Friendsview, empowers retirees to move forward with their life/dreams.”

Such a move brings these Life Plan advantages:CCRC-advantages

  • time to travel and pursue other lifelong interests
  • financial stability
  • maintenance-free living
  • a variety of educational, recreational, cultural and entertaining activities
  • minimized reliance on government payments, particularly Medicaid
  • an entrance fee model that presents an insurance-like, risk-sharing dimension unique to not-for-profits
  • access to health services on all levels: residential (assisted living), nursing care, memory loss
  • maximized use of residents’ resources
  • the best of managed care
  • carefully tailored services to individual residents, including a variety of meal plans
  • services to keep residents as independent as possible for as long as possible
  • security and peace of mind
  • freedom for families from making stressful end-of-life decisions for their loved ones

For more Life Plan advantages, visit Why We Chose Friendsview. There you can read testimonials about why other people choose Friendsview, a not-for-profit Life Plan retirement community. Call 503-538-3144 for additional information.