Off-Campus Residency Program

Would you like the peace of mind of being able to receive Friendsview’s long-term care services—yet continue to live in your own home?  If so, the off-campus residency program might be what you’re looking for.

Designed for people who are unable to move to Friendsview right away yet want the security of knowing they have short-term and long-term care when they need it, this program is limited to 25 off-campus residents.  Within five years of joining the program, off-campus residents move to Friendsview.

  • Includes:Up to 15 days in the Health Center per occurrence (meals extra). After 15 days, off-campus residents may pay the resident daily rate ($69 a day for semi-private, $91 for private).
  • Access to the Fulton Street fitness center, library and other social/recreational programs.
  • Long-term care options including residential care, memory support and 24-hour nursing care, should these ongoing services be needed prior to moving to one of Friendsview’s campuses.
  • Garden access.
  • Dining options available at resident fees.

Entrance Fee:  $73,395*
Monthly Fee (per person): $881

*Entrance fee discount for a single applicant: $20,000
Entrance fee discount for two applicants with intent list application date prior to January 1, 2014: $10,000
3-year amortized refund applies for all entrance fees.

Equal Housing OpportunityRates are effective January 1, 2017