Paul and Meredith

We woke up one morning in January 2011 and said to ourselves, “We better put our house on the market.” We did and in three weeks it sold. After talking to Frank Engle, we moved to Friendsview in May. A few days later we set out on a trip to Norway. Soon after we returned we traveled with Meredith’s sister and her husband to England to trace their family roots. It was good not to worry about our home while we were gone.


Our mothers—ages 102 and nearly 98—still live at Friendsview. It’s fun to walk across the driveway to see them. Some of our children invited us to live with them, but we’ve seen the difficulties when families care for the older generation. We know our parents have benefitted by the health care, socialization and proper nutrition at Friendsview. When God called us to live and work in Morocco several years ago our parents were already in their 90s, but we didn’t worry about them while we were gone.

Although our long-time home in Tigard had 4,000 square feet, we lived in only a few rooms. Now Meredith declares, “I really like our little house.”

Paul is happy in the Friendsview wood shop, working with his own tools and the shared equipment. He recently finished two grandfather clocks, sixteenth-birthday gifts for our granddaughters. Meredith looks forward to painting and doing a quilting project she’s had on hand for years.

We have connected with many of our friends from college days and also have met interesting people at Friendsview we would never have known otherwise.

Our recommendation to anyone considering a retirement home? Downsize your belongings early and choose a not-for-profit CCRC (continuing care retirement community), especially one with a Christian emphasis.

—Paul and Meredith M.

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