Is a Life Plan Community Right for You?

When approaching your retirement years you begin to ask yourself if a move to a Life Plan Community is right for you. What about the cost? Am I too young? What about everything I’ll have to give up? 

Sam and Dorothy Farmer heard many of these same questions as they told their friends about their plans to move to Friendsview nearly 15 years ago. And as a volunteer resident tour guide since moving here, Sam sometimes hears similar questions from guests.

We asked Sam to share some of the questions he’s heard over the years and provide his perspective based on his experience here at Friendsview. Perhaps you are navigating some of the same issues as you look into your own options.

  • Why did you move to a retirement community at such a young age?

We became Friendsview residents at age 70 because we wanted to be active enough to enjoy our time at Friendsview and build new friendships and relationships. Most important, we wanted to become a productive part of the community while we were still healthy enough to enjoy our new neighbors, friends, and community.

  • Hasn’t it cost you more to live at Friendsview than to own a home?  

Before we made our decision, we counted the cost: property taxes, utilities, upkeep of a 30-year-old home, replacement of aging appliances, and myriad other expenses that come with owning our own home. We found the costs to be about the same after taking all these factors into account. 

  • Isn’t Friendsview going to be very expensive?

If you seriously check on the cost of equivalent facilities in the area and the additional expenses involved when you require the services of an assisted-living or nursing facility, you’ll discover your own answer to that question.  

  • How did you manage to downsize?

I admit that is a tough one. It was especially traumatic for my wife, Dorothy. But it can be done, and we don’t regret parting with those things that didn’t fit. Also, our children are really glad they don’t have to go through all that stuff someday.

  • Why would you want to live with so many old people?

I don’t hear this question often now that I have passed my 80th year. But I would answer it the same as the day we moved in: Age is only a number, and everyone here has a fascinating story to share, even if that person’s mobility requires the help of a cane or a wheelchair. It has become a real blessing to share with our Friendsview neighbors.

  • You are so healthy, why would you move in now?

We were blessed with excellent health for almost 15 years here, but as we aged that changed. We are grateful we chose to prepare for our future. If we had waited, we might not have qualified to move into Friendsview. A “Type A” continuing care facility has different entrance requirements from other retirement programs. Prospective residents must meet certain health requirements to be covered by the healthcare provided by Friendsview. We find it very comforting that our continuing care community will allow us to move from our current independent living home into assisted living, nursing care, or memory care if or when needed—and without a huge increase in costs associated with other programs.

  • How confident can we feel about Friendsview’s financial health?

You are wondering if your final earthly home can survive the ups and downs of the economy. I can assure you that our community is on very solid ground financially and has successfully weathered the economic storms for nearly 60 years.