What is a Life Plan Community?


Life Plan Communities, formerly known as continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) offer independent living residences as well as access to high-quality residential care (assisted-living), memory care and 24-hour nursing care.

At Friendsview, as your health needs change you can have access to higher levels of care right here on campus. Couples have security knowing that as their needs change they can continue to age in place. For families, peace of mind comes from knowing that their loved ones can live their future years in a familiar environment that includes long-term care options.

But Life Plan Communities offer more than long-term care. They offer an environment that encourages wellness, lifelong learning and personal enrichment. They also offer many amenities, such as dining, housekeeping and indoor/outdoor maintenance, allowing residents to have time to pursue their interests and passions.

three-types-of-life-plan-communitiesEntrance and Monthly Fees

Most Life Plan Communities require an entrance fee when a person moves into an independent-living residence. These are usually based on floor plan, location and size. The resident also pays a  monthly fee, which is adjusted for inflation yearly. This fee can increase or stay at independent-living-based rates (see Three Types of Life Plan Communities) for residential care, memory care or 24-hour nursing.

Friendsview: The Type-A, Life Care Advantage

At Friendsview, a Type-A, or “life care” community, residents pay an entrance fee at move-in and then an ongoing monthly fee. If a resident needs to move to our Creekside enhanced living, Manor residential care, Gardenview (memory support) or the Charles Beals Health Center (24-hour nursing), the monthly fee will not be at market rate, but rather at our standard independent-living rates, which are adjusted each year for inflation and normal operating costs.

To see for yourself, select a neighborhood that appeals to you. Then, go to the Health Care Services page. Note the monthly fee for your selected neighborhood and then see what the monthly fees are for assisted-living, memory care and 24-hour nursing. (See the following example.)

Friendsview is Oregon’s only Life Plan Community that is exclusively a Type-A community.

A Cost Example — As Needs Change

An independent-living apartment:

  • Creekside one-bedroom apartment (622 sq. ft.) monthly fee (includes $100 monthly dining dollars):
    $2,404 (first person)
    $1,244 (second person)

Costs if transferring to a higher-level-of-care:

  • Manor Residential Care one-bedroom monthly fee (includes all meals):
    $2,705 (first person)
    $1,801 (second person)
  • Gardenview Memory Support (includes all meals):
    $2,292 (semi-private)
    $2,912 (private)
  • Charles Beals Health Center (24-hour nursing and all meals)
    $2,292 (semi-private)
    $3,127 (private)

Please note that if a spouse moves to a higher-level-of care and the other remains in their independent residence, they each pay the first-person fee which can increase their fee $800-1100 per month.

Rates are effective January 1, 2019

Possible Tax Advantages

A portion of entrance and monthly fees may be tax-deductible as a medical expense. It’s important to ask marketing staff what percentage this can be each year.