University Village

New 2 Bedroom Hybrid Residences

Phase 1, Fall 2017

This new neighborhood includes 38 hybrid residences on four levels. The term hybrid here refers to the fact that these residences are apartments with a duplex design. Unlike traditional apartment buildings, the unique shape of these buildings allows for each apartment to have two or more sides with windows.


  • Parking garage space (ground level) with storage unit
  • Community garden access
  • Educational, travel and recreational programs
  • Fitness Center, with free classes and trainer
  • Home, appliance and grounds maintenance
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Long-term care options available on campus
  • Non-smoking
  • Covered deckfv-university-village-exterior
  • Scheduled transportation
  • $20 Dining Dollars (monthly) (see Dining Services)
  • Washer/dryer
  • Up to 15 complimentary days in the Health Center per occurrence (meals extra)
  • Utilities: Water/sewer/garbage, wireless internet and cable (electricity and metered gas for hot water not included)

Other Services Available For Additional Fees:

  • Additional Dining Dollars (see Dining Services)
  • Guestroom accommodations
  • Housekeeping

The following animations depict what the neighborhood will look like when all phases are completed:

University Village Floor Plans (Click to Enlarge)

Unit 1: George Fox (First Floor)

Unit 1: George Fox (Second, Third, and Fourth Floors)

Unit 2: Barclay


Unit 3: Friends

Unit 4: William Penn

Unit 5 Malone



First Floor (Click to Enlarge)


Second, Third, and Fourth Floors (Click to Enlarge)


Floor Plan Description Sq. Ft. Entrance Fee* Monthly Fee
Unit 1: George Fox (Floor 1) Two Bedroom/Two Bath 1,230 sq. ft. $275,353 $1,829
Unit 1: George Fox (Floors 2-4) Two Bedroom/Two Bath 1,295 sq. ft. $287,790 $1,855
Unit 2: Barclay Two Bedroom/Two Bath 1,235 sq. ft. $276,309 $1,829
Unit 2: Barclay (Railroad Side) Two Bedroom/Two Bath 1,235 sq. ft. $260,937 $1,829
Unit 3: Friends Two Bedroom/Two Bath 1,160 sq. ft. $261,959 $1,803
Unit 3: Friends (Railroad Side) Two Bedroom/Two Bath 1,160 sq. ft. $247,520 $1,803
Unit 4: William Penn Two Bedroom/Two Bath 1,020 sq. ft. $235,171 $1,776
Unit 5: Malone (Railroad Side) Two Bedroom/Two Bath 885 sq. ft. $195,861 $1,750

Second person fee: $950 per month

Rates are effective January 1, 2018

* Entrance fee discount for a single applicant: $20,000
Three-year amortized refund applies for all entrance fees.

Please feel free to contact Frank Engle or Phyllis McKinney if you have any questions about the process or the homes.

Frank Engle
Director of Marketing

Phyllis McKinney
Assistant Director of Marketing